Prototype Oriented Programming with Lua

A straight forward prototype-based object system, and a selection of useful objects built on it.

This is a collection of light-weight libraries for Lua 5.1 (including LuaJIT), 5.2 and 5.3 written in pure Lua.

Each of the modules in this package returns a table with an empty prototype object in the prototype field, and often a selection of module functions not related to a specific instance. That is, when you require one of these modules, you get a conventional table of functions plus an empty object of some sort:

local object = require "std.prototype.object"
for k, v in pairs (object) do print (k, type (v)) end
--> prototype  table
--> type       function

In this case, a module function called type which looks up the _type field in any prototype's metatable, and an empty Object:

print (object.prototype)
--> Object {}

You can instantiate additional copies of a prototype by calling it with a table of specialised attributes:

print (object.prototype { myattribute = "my value" })
--> Object {myattribute=my value}

As a convenience, calling the module itself passes the argument table through to that module's prototype, although its faster to save an empty instance of the prototype in a local and use that:

print (object { 1, 2, foo = "bar" })
--> Object {1, 2; foo=bar}

local Object = object.prototype
print (Object { "Woo!" })
--> Object {Woo!}


The code is copyright by its respective authors, and released under the MIT license (the same license as Lua itself). There is no warranty.


std.prototype Module table.
std.prototype.container Container Prototype.
std.prototype.object Object Prototype.
std.prototype.set Set Prototype.
std.prototype.strbuf StrBuf Prototype.
std.prototype.trie Trie Prototype.
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